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Poraflex Tennis Court Poraflex Tennis Court Poraflex Tennis Court Poraflex Tennis Court Poraflex Tennis Court Poraflex Tennis Court


Porous Acrylic Sports Surface for Tennis

Poraflex® is a high performance water permeable cushioned acrylic surface.

This patented system comprises a high quality 6mm* rubber mat and specially formulated spray coatings resulting in a surface that has optimum cushioning with the added advantage of porosity. The surface is extremely useful in rainy climates where traditional impervious acrylic courts will retain water on the surface and make play impractical during times of wet weather.

*Varying thicknesses of cushioning mat can be supplied on request.

Because Poraflex is free draining, there is no water retention therefore the courts use throughout the year can be greatly extended.

As well as being extremely durable and resistant to wear, the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use.

Because the cushioning mat is prefabricated to a uniform thickness this will allow a true ball bounce on all areas of the court.

ITF Classification 3 MediumITF Pace Classifications

Poraflex has an ITF Pace Classification of 3(Medium).

Colour Range

PurpleTerracottaLight GreenDark GreenLight BlueDark BlueThe standard range of colours comprises those shown here.

Please note that the colours are for illustration only and actual colours may differ considerably from those on the screen.

Any other choice of colour can be formulated on request.

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MUGAsMulti Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Poraflex spray coatings can be adjusted to meet the slip resistance requirements for other sports such as netball, basketball and five-a-side, this makes it ideal for MUGAs.

As games areas often require different levels of cushioning and resilience depending on their main use, age group or special needs of children, etc, the rubber mat can be supplied in thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 10mm to suit all purposes.

The FREE DRAINING surface makes it ideal for games areas in schools and youth centres where ALL YEAR PLAY is required.

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Poraflex® Cross-section

Cross-section of Poraflex

Top Coat

Two spray applications of a highly durable acrylic coating providing the required slip resistance and choice of colour.

While Poraflex® is designed primarily for tennis it is also ideal for use in Multi Use Games Areas. The slip resistance of the top coat may also be adjusted to meet the requirements of other sports such as netball, 5-a-side and basketball.

Spray Wear Layers

A pigmented water-based acrylic/polyurethane specially formulated for good adhesion to the shockpad.


Fabricated to the required thickness the shockpad comprises recycled rubber particles bonded together with a polyurethane binder.

The particular quality of shockpad used in Poraflex® has a high density to provide excellent strength while maintaining good porosity.


A polyurethane adhesive is "spatter sprayed" to the substrate to provide total bonding of the shockpad while allowing free drainage of water.

Porous Substrate

Porous macadam or concrete. Poraflex® can be installed on new or existing porous substrates.

Environmentally Friendly

The materials used in these surfaces are environmentally friendly, using recycled rubber for the cushioning mat, together with solvent free adhesives and water based polymer coatings.